The Voice contestant Anja Nissen will have her pet corn snake taken from her and destroyed – By Mark Norri - THE Voice contestant Anja Nissen is about to lose her prized pet corn snake Zena after it featured on national TV and reptile experts dobbed her in to authorities, pointing out the snake is illegal.

The young blonde singer from the Blue Mountains was profiled on Nine’s A Current Affair on Monday after her successful audition on The Voice and proudly showed off her snake. But after the show, viewers tipped off the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, which will now remove the snake from Anja’s care and destroy it. She has had the pet for six years, keeping it in a specially fitted out tank.“I got Zena when I was 12 years old as a gift and, until now, have been unaware that it is potentially illegal. I am now in the process of formally identifying her and if need be, sadly, finding an exotic pets rescue group that will take her and look after her,” Ms Nissen said yesterday.

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