The Voice turned nasty friend Sabrina Batshon against me, says former Fat Pizza actor Alex Haddad – By Christine Sams - FORMER Fat Pizza star Alex Haddad has launched a bizarre tirade against The Voice finalist Sabrina Batshon. Haddad yesterday claimed he had been best friends with the 29-year-old Team Ricky singer before they had a spectacular falling out, blaming her new-found fame since joining The Voice for their relationship breakdown accusing her of becoming “nasty” to him since joining the show.

“I’ve known her for eight years, I met her through a friend of mine,” the former SBS actor claimed. “I didn’t know she could sing, but when she took the microphone (at a friend’s rehearsal), I was like ‘wow, this girl can sing’. (Now) she’s telling people we were never friends and she’s never known me, she’s become nasty.

“She’s trusting too many strangers who want to use her because she’s on The Voice.” His unsubstantiated claims include one that Batshon called him to request he remove online photos of the pair. Haddad, who still has a picture of the pair on his Facebook page, claimed he was taking out a restraining order against Batshon but declined to state the basis, if any, of the legal action.

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