The Magician Who Allegedly Made Battle Tanks Disappear – Among the chaos of WWII, a British magician claimed he could fool the Nazis by hiding tanks in plain sight and making armies invisible. But was he a hero or a fraud?

Stage magician Jasper Maskelyne came from a family that was well-versed with accomplishing the impossible. His father was a magician and inventor (though his invention of the paid toilet wouldn’t necessarily have been useful during war times) and his grandfather, John Nevil Maskelyne, invented the trick of human levitation and even founded the Occult Committee to investigate and expose fraudulent supernatural power claims.


Kevin McCarthy Bashes Biden Over Ukrainian Military Aid After Throwing Up Hands When Trump Delayed It – By Peter Wade – Republican members of Congress who refused to hold then-President Donald Trump accountable for delaying congressionally approved military aid to Ukraine are now criticizing President Biden for not providing more military aid to the nation.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), a fierce opponent of impeaching Trump for trying to extort Ukraine into digging up dirt on Joe Biden ahead of the 2020 election, had the nerve to blame Biden for not doing enough to equip Ukraine. “The challenge that we have is, it’s the actions that we could have done before from this administration to make sure today wasn’t happening,” McCarthy said Tuesday on Fox & Friends. “We could have supplied the weapons to Ukraine. They’re not asking for American troops, they’re just asking for the ability to fight.”


Woman caught on camera stealing $4,000 cognac from San Jose restaurant, authorities say – By Lila Seidman – A woman wearing a glittery evening dress calmly strides behind the bar at a San Jose steakhouse and scans bottles of alcohol. She grabs one and walks out.

It was a pricey cognac — worth more than $4,000. The woman is suspected of felony grand theft, according to the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities said the woman was with a group of people who dined at the Mount Hamilton GrandView restaurant Tuesday. As the party was leaving, the woman — clearly depicted in surveillance video — nabbed the bottle around 5 p.m., said Deputy Russell Davis, spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office.


Chimp ‘banned from seeing woman who loved him’ by zookeepers is ‘doing well’ – By Dimitris Kouimtsidis – A chimpanzee whose romance with a human visitor was ended in scandal is said to be “doing well” – after the woman was banned from seeing him. In August last year, Adie Timmermans claims she was forbidden by staff at Antwerp Zoo, in Belgium, from visiting her favourite chimp Chita, whom she “loved”.

The woman claimed that both she and 38-year-old Chita would be distraught if they were not allowed to see each other any more. She said at the time: “I love that animal and he loves me. I haven’t got anything else. Why do they want to take that away?”


Extinct 10-armed cephalopod named after President Joe Biden – By Danielle Haynes – Scientists have named a now-extinct relative of the octopus that has 10 arms after President Joe Biden — the syllipsimopodi bideni — according to a study released Tuesday.

The study, published in the journal Nature Communications, said the vampyropod fossil was discovered in the Bear Gulch Limestone in Fergus County, Mont., and donated to the Royal Ontario Museum in Canada in 1988.

It wasn’t until recently, though, that scientists from the American Museum of Natural History in New York City and Yale University’s Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences examined fossil.

The researchers said the syllipsimopodi bideni lived during the Carboniferous period, about 328 million years ago. It’s the oldest vampyropod ever discovered, pushing the group’s fossil record back by about 82 million years.


Matt Gaetz Challenged by TV Anchor After Saying Trump Won 2020 Election – By Andrew Stanton – A television news anchor in Pensacola, Florida, challenged Representative Matt Gaetz on Friday over his claims that former President Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election.

Gatez, a Florida Republican, has been among the GOP figures who promoted the unproven claims that President Joe Biden only won in 2020 due to widespread voter fraud. “I believe that Donald Trump won the 2020 election,” he said on local news station WEAR-TV after anchor Bob Solarski asked if he still buys into the theory of a stolen election.


GOP torn as Marjorie Taylor Greene speaks to far right amid ‘Putin!’ chants – By Associated Press – WASHINGTON — Republican leaders in Congress are torn over what to do with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene after the congresswoman spoke at a weekend event organized by a white nationalist who marveled over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as the crowd erupted in chants of “Putin!”

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy called the congresswoman’s speech on the same stage “unacceptable.” Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said “there’s no place in the Republican Party for white supremacists.”