‘A great deal’: SoCal one-bedroom home on a bridge lists for $250K

nbclosangeles.com – By Clara Ramírez – A Los Angeles area home in an unusual location and listed on the real estate site Zillow as “a great deal” is on the market for $249,950.

The house is located on a bridge on the 1340 block of Main Street in Alhambra, a city in Los Angeles County’s San Gabriel Valley. It was built in 1949, has one bedroom and one bathroom, and no space for parking.

The property was listed as a perfect place for “a young professional who wants to live close to the city’s downtown area for work.”

The house also has a terrace the same size as the house with a view of the canal and with almost direct access to the sidewalk from the street.

The 462-square-foot home is priced below other residences located in the same city with similar features. However, its location has been a topic that has given much to talk about…

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