Trump Ally Forced to Pay $215 Million for Deporting Migrants – By Nick Mordowanec – Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is lashing out after the European Union fined his nation nearly $215 million for violating the EU‘s asylum and migration laws.

The EU’s Court of Justice, based in Luxembourg, said in a statement issued Thursday that Hungary must pay a lump sum of 200 million euros and a penalty payment of 1 million euros per day of delay for failure to comply with a judgment derived from “deliberately avoiding the application of a common EU policy as a whole,” adding it constitutes “an unprecedented and extremely serious infringement of EU law.”

Orban, a right-wing lawmaker and strong ally of former U.S. President Donald Trump, called the fines “outrageous and unacceptable” in a post on X, formerly Twitter.


After backlash, Trump pulls social media post with reference to ‘unified Reich’


By Nathan Layne

Donald Trump deleted a video posted to his Truth Social account that included reference to a “unified Reich” after President Joe Biden’s campaign and others criticized the use of language often associated with the Nazi regime.

The 30-second video, which was posted on Monday afternoon, was no longer available on the website by early morning on Tuesday. A person familiar with the matter confirmed the post had been removed from the site.

The video portrayed a positive vision for the country should the Republican presidential candidate defeat Biden, a Democrat, in November’s election, featuring hypothetical newspaper headlines about a booming economy and a crackdown on immigration at the southern border.

At two points in the video, text below a larger headline reads: “INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASED… DRIVEN BY THE CREATION OF A UNIFIED REICH.” The text is somewhat blurred, making it difficult to make out at first glance.

Trump has made a series of inflammatory remarks on the campaign trail, calling political enemies “vermin” and saying immigrants who entered the nation illegally were “poisoning the blood of our country.” Those drew heavy criticism from Democrats and some historians who said they echoed Nazi rhetoric.

Speaking at two fundraisers in Boston on Tuesday, Biden criticized the use of a word often associated with Nazi Germany’s Third Reich under Adolf Hitler.


NYT: RFK Jr. says worm ‘got into my brain and ate a portion of it’ – By Michelle Shen – Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. experienced a series of health issues in recent years, including an abnormality that he said was caused by a worm that entered his brain and then died, The New York Times reported on Wednesday.

In 2010, Kennedy, now 70, experienced severe memory loss and mental fog, he said in a deposition two years later. According to the Times, he consulted top neurologists familiar with the medical history of his uncle, the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, who had died of brain cancer in 2009. A New York doctor, after reviewing a scan of his brain, told him that his health issues could be “caused by a worm that got into my brain and ate a portion of it and then died,” Kennedy said in the 2012 deposition, which concerned a divorce from his second wife, Mary Richardson Kennedy. Robert Kennedy said at the time that his earning power had been negatively affected by the cognitive issues, the Times reported. 

Cluster of ‘UFOs’ spotted in night sky after powerful 5.6-magnitude earthquake

May 6, 2024

The cluster of gold simmering so-called UFOs sparked widespread curiosity after they were spotted in the night sky above following a 5.6 magnitude earthquake close to Turhal, in Turkey – By Anders Anglesey – A cluster of what appeared to be UFOs stunned onlookers after they were spotted in the night sky following a 5.6-magnitude earthquake.

The tremor was recorded about 25 miles from Turhal, about 481 miles east of Turkey’s largest city Istanbul, at about 6:10pm on April 18. While the quake had a shallow depth of six miles, it was widely felt in the region.

Locals were left stunned when a swarm of bright lights shimmered in the night sky later that night. In one recording, dozens of bright lights could be seen shooting across the night sky as a couple discussed what it could be. The man said: “You need to see this.” A woman replied: “What are those? Why are the birds shining like white gold?”


‘SNL’ Cold Open Mocks Donald Trump’s Bible Venture: “Sounds Like a Joke. And in Many Ways It Is, But It’s Also Real” –  by Kimberly Nordyke – Trump’s Bible product, which is being sold for $59.99, includes the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, the Pledge of Allegiance and the handwritten chorus to “God Bless the USA.”

Saturday Night Live mocked Donald Trump‘s most recent venture — promoting the “God Bless the USA Bible” — on its most recent episode.

The product, which is “inspired by” country musician Lee Greenwood’s song “God Bless the USA,” is being sold for $59.99. It includes the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, the Pledge of Allegiance and the handwritten chorus to “God Bless the USA.”

In Saturday’s cold open, Trump (played by James Austin Johnson) noted that it’s Easter — “the time of year when I compare myself to Jesus Christ. That’s just the thing I do now and people seem to be OK with it. I’m gonna keep doing it. And if you think that this is a bad look, imagine how weird it would be if I started selling Bibles. Well, I’m selling Bibles.” 


Sam Bankman-Fried Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison in FTX Fraud Trial – by Daniel Kreps – Sam Bankman-Fried has been sentenced to 25 years in prison after being found guilty of fraud charges in connection to his collapsed cryptocurrency exchange FTX.

Bankman-Fried was charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud, securities fraud, money laundering, and violations of campaign finance law in December 2022. The then-30-year-old allegedly defrauded millions of investors through FTX crypto schemes, including using customer investments in the amount of $8 million to fund side investments and pay off debts.

In November 2023 – after a trial that featured both shocking testimony from ex-girfriend/co-conspirator Caroline Ellison as well as evasive testimony from Bankman-Fried himself in his own defense – SBF was convicted of the federal charges, which carried a sentence of up to 115 years in prison.

Prior to sentencing, Bankman-Fried addressed the court and said the FTX collapse “haunts him every day.” “A lot of people feel really let down, and they were very let down, and I am sorry about that.” he said. “I am sorry about what happened at every stage. And there are things I should’ve done and things I shouldn’t have.”

SBF added prior to sentencing (via CNN), “My useful life is probably over. It’s been over for a while now.”

His lawyer, Marc Mukasey, told the judge, “Sam was not a ruthless financial serial killer who set out every morning to hurt people. His real motivations were misapprehended and misunderstood. Really, he’s an awkward math nerd.”


Trump can’t post $464M bond in New York civil case, lawyers say – Donald Trump told an appellate court here Monday that he can’t obtain a bond for the full amount of the civil fraud judgment against him — more than $450 million, including interest — raising the possibility that the state attorney general’s office could begin to seize his assets unless the court agrees to halt the judgment while the former president appeals the verdict.

Trump’s lawyers said in a court filing that “ongoing diligent efforts have proven that a bond in the judgment’s full amount is a ‘practical impossibility,’” adding that those efforts “have included approaching about 30 surety companies through 4 separate brokers.”

When a defendant appeals a civil judgment, the defendant can prevent collection efforts while the appeal proceeds by either posting the full amount into an escrow fund or securing a third-party bond to guarantee the full amount.


Supreme Court split over bump-stock ban – By Amy Howe – The Supreme Court on Wednesday was divided over the validity of a 2018 federal regulation banning the “bump stock” rifle attachment. The Trump administration regulation barred ownership of bump stocks, which transforms a semiautomatic rifle into a weapon that can discharge at a rate of hundreds of rounds per minute, under an existing general prohibition of machine guns. Although some of the court’s conservative justices expressed concern that the regulation could subject the owners of bump stocks to criminal liability even though the devices were legal when they purchased them, several justices also contended that the lethal capacity of semiautomatic rifles fitted with bump stocks was precisely the kind of weapon that Congress intended to target.

A firearm with a manual action requires the shooter to eject an empty cartridge after firing and load a new one before firing again. A semiautomatic firearm automatically loads a new cartridge after firing, but the shooter must pull the trigger each time he wants to fire a shot. A machine gun, by contrast, will automatically reload new ammunition and continue to fire as long as the shooter keeps his finger on the trigger.


Trump says he’s long worked ‘hand in hand’ with Black people. Let’s review. – by Glenn Kessler – “Unlike racist Joe Biden, I have spent my entire life working hand in hand with Black Americans to create jobs, build buildings, invest in our communities and expand opportunities and freedom for citizens of every race, religion, color. I built a lot of buildings. I want to tell you, a Black worker is a great worker. You’ve done an incredible job.”

— Former president Donald Trump, remarks during a speech to Black Conservative Federation gala, Columbia, S.C., Feb. 23

During his presidency, Trump often claimed he had done more for Black Americans than any other president — or, he sometimes might concede, since Abraham Lincoln. Historians scorned his claim. Many cited Lyndon B. Johnson, who signed into law the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. It was Johnson, the historians said, who after Lincoln was the president who made the most lasting impact on the lives of African Americans.

To make his case, Trump would cite achievements like a low Black unemployment rate, increased funding for historically Black colleges and universities (a congressional initiative, not an executive branch one) or passage of an opportunity zone program.

“Trump’s so-called accomplishments will not even be noticed by historians five years from now,” said H.W. Brands, historian at the University of Texas at Austin, in 2020.

Trump recited those claims yet again when he addressed a group of Black conservatives last week, even if the talking points have become woefully out of date.


With ‘pig butchering’ scams on the rise, FBI moves to stop the bleeding – By Ken Dilanian i- She called herself Anna, and she reached out to Barry May over social media.

“It was on Facebook, was an Asian woman that supposedly lived in New York, on Fifth Avenue,” he said. “And so we just started chatting.”

Soon, he said, Anna was sending explicit photos. May, a divorced and retired insurance adjuster living in Mississippi, was smitten. She told him they could be together, but first she needed a favor.

Her aunt, she said, was holding $3 million of her money. She needed May to invest in cryptocurrency, so her aunt “would release that money to her and then she could come to me and we could get married.”

She promised huge returns. He sold property and liquidated his 401(k), sending the woman more than $500,000 — his life savings. An account on a website appeared to show his holdings.

He was about take out a loan to send more, until one day he got a call from an FBI agent. “They said this is a major fraud situation, and I’m not the only one.”