‘Everybody’s Absolutely Horrified’: High Society Is Bracing Itself for Ghislaine Maxwell’s Trial

rollingstone.com – By Vicky Ward – When she walked into court on Monday morning for the penultimate pre-trial conference before she faces what will amount to the fight of her life, Ghislaine Maxwell looked just like she did 10 years ago. In fact, she looked better.

Thick black glossy hair. A black turtleneck sweater. Grey slacks. A bottle of Poland Spring in her hand. No cuffs anywhere. A smile, even, as she talked and shared a laugh with her lawyers, who were clearly fond of her. One brushed back her hair, another rubbed her back and shoulder, a gesture of sympathy.

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Eco-friendly sex: What is it and how does it impact on climate change?

bbc.com – By Harriet Orrell – “For some, being eco-friendly sexually means selecting lubes, toys, bed sheets and condoms that have less impact on the planet,” explains Dr Adenike Akinsemolu, an environmental sustainability scientist from Nigeria.

“For others, it entails reducing the damage in the creation of porn to workers and the environment. Both examples are valid and of importance.”

The UN Population Fund estimates around 10 billion male latex condoms are manufactured each year and most are disposed of in landfills.

That’s because most condoms are made from synthetic latex and use additives and chemicals, meaning they cannot be recycled.

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Countries’ Climate Pledges Built on Flawed Data

politicalwire.com – By Taegan Goddard – “Across the world, many countries underreport their greenhouse gas emissions in their reports to the United Nations,” the Washington Post reports. “An examination of 196 country reports reveals a giant gap between what nations declare their emissions to be versus the greenhouse gases they are sending into the atmosphere.”

“The plan to save the world from the worst of climate change is built on data. But the data the world is relying on is inaccurate.”

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Hundreds Of People Attend ‘Small Dong March’ In Los Angeles

ladbible.com – By Tom Wood – Hundreds of people took to the streets the other day to try to raise awareness of a condition that affects a lot of people. We’re talking – of course – about people who have tiny penises.

OK, so it’s quite clearly a joke, but that didn’t stop quite literally hundreds of people walking through Pershing Square in Los Angeles to attempt to lessen the stigma around penis size.

This ‘Small Dong March’ saw both men and women waving around placards with slogans on them – more on those later – offering support to those who maybe aren’t packing quite as much as others in the trouser department.

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QAnon supporters gather in downtown Dallas expecting JFK Jr. to reappear

dallasnews.com – By Michael Williams and Catherine Marfin – Scores of QAnon believers gathered Tuesday afternoon in downtown Dallas in the hopes that John F. Kennedy Jr. would appear, heralding the reinstatement of Donald Trump as president. The supporters first gathered Monday night in downtown Dallas, and about 1 p.m. Tuesday there were several hundred people near Dealey Plaza, where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. Kennedy’s son died in a plane crash in 1999 at age 38, but some supporters of the QAnon conspiracy theory believe that he has spent the last 22 years in hiding. They think John F. Kennedy Jr. will reappear at the plaza before midnight Tuesday, Newsweek reported.

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Trump’s new social media deal sends SPAC’s shares soaring

reuters.com – By Rachel Mummey – Former U.S. President Donald Trump’s plan to create a new social media app after Twitter Inc (TWTR.N) and Facebook Inc (FB.O) barred him from their platforms this year won an endorsement from investors on Thursday who sent shares in a shell company backing the effort soaring.

Trump Media and Technology Group and Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC.O), , a Special Purpose Acquisition Vehicle, said on Wednesday they would merge to create a new social media app called TRUTH Social. Trump’s company said it plans a beta launch next month and a full roll-out in the first quarter of 2022.

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UCLA anesthesiologist, vocal against COVID vaccine mandates, is escorted out of workplace

latimes.com – By Laura Anaya-Morga – A UCLA anesthesiologist who is vocal about his opposition to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate was escorted out of his workplace Monday for attempting to enter the building unvaccinated. In a video that he seemingly captured himself, Dr. Christopher B. Rake is seen being escorted out of the 200 UCLA Medical Plaza in Westwood by three individuals.

“This is what happens when you stand up for freedom and when you show up to work, willing to work, despite being unvaccinated, and this is the price you have to pay sometimes,” he says. “But what they don’t realize is that I’m willing to lose everything — job, paycheck, freedom, even my life for this cause.”

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Fauci says it’s "too soon to tell" whether Americans should avoid gathering for Christmas

cbsnews.com – By Melissa Quinn – Washington — Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief medical adviser to President Biden, said Sunday it’s too early to say whether Americans should avoid larger family gatherings for Christmas, while the nation experiences an uptick in new COVID-19 infections among children alongside lagging vaccination rates.

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Woman shares extensive first date rules from men’s height to who pays the bill

mirror.co.uk – By Emma Rosemurgey – An influencer, who claims to be a “seasoned pro at first dates” has shared an extensive list of rules she believes men ought to stick to during first date – and oh, boy, it looks like you men have got a lot of work to do.

Brooke Miccio, who goes by the handle @brookemiccio on TikTok, put together the rules based on her own personal experience of first dates, including certain things she will do, and what she expects from her date.

Taking to TikTok, Brooke shared a clip outlining exactly what she expects, point by point, from when she will arrive on the date to exactly how long it should last.

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Matt Gaetz Defends Tucker Carlson – By Pushing Replacement Theory

yahoo.com – By Antoinette Siu – Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz is defending Tucker Carlson and replacement theory — the racist and xenophobic notion that Caucasians are being replaced by migrants being brought into the United States.

Fox News conservative host Tucker Carlson has been touting replacement theory in recent months. In an interview with Megyn Kelly last week, Carlson said the Biden administration was trying “to change the racial mix of the country.” He added: “In political terms, this policy is called ‘the great replacement,’ the replacement of legacy Americans with more obedient people from far-away countries.”

“The great replacement” is a term commonly used by white nationalists and other racist organizations.

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