James Craig, Perry Johnson, 3 others ineligible for ballot, Bureau of Elections says

detroitnews.com – Craig MaugerLansing — Former Detroit police Chief James Craig and businessman Perry Johnson, two of the top candidates for the Republican nomination for governor, didn’t submit enough valid petition signatures to make the ballot, according to findings from the Michigan Bureau of Elections.

The bureau’s revelations Monday evening shook up the 2022 race to be Michigan’s governor, potentially leaving Republicans without their most well-known candidate, Craig, and without their wealthiest hopeful, Johnson.

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Pope’s recipe to heal his painful knee? A shot of tequila

abcnews.com – By NICOLE WINFIELD – ROME — Doctors have prescribed a wheelchair, cane and physical therapy to help heal Pope Francis‘ bad knee. He has other ideas. According to a viral video of the pope at the end of a recent audience, Francis quipped that what he really needs for the pain is a shot of tequila.

Francis was riding in the popemobile in St. Peter’s Square when he stopped near a group of Mexican seminarians from the Legion of Christ who asked him in his native Spanish how his knee was doing. After he replied that it was “capricious,” they told Francis that they admired his ability to smile despite the pain, and that he was an example for future priests like themselves.

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The creepy ‘hand in the wall’ at Tower of London and why the Beefeaters put it there

dailystar.co.uk – By Joe Faretra – A TikTok influencer has drawn attention to an often missed creepy “hand in the wall” of the Tower of London – and revealed the grisly reason why the Beefeaters put it there.

With around 2.8 million tourists visiting London’s iconic fortress it is hard to believe that many have missed the gruesome body part .

More… https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/weird-news/creepy-hand-wall-tower-london-26977114

Bride And Groom Stun Wedding Guests After Setting Themselves On Fire In Exit Stunt

news18.com – Everyone wants their wedding to be one of the most memorable days of their lives. Some even try to make the day utterly memorable for their wedding guests by throwing lavish parties as well as destination weddings. However, the couple we are going to talk about went the extra mile and included an outrageous stunt at their wedding, leaving everyone stunned.

According to a Dailystar report, a newlywed couple quite literally burned down the house as they made a dramatic exit from their wedding reception this week, staging a frankly outrageous fire stunt which involved deliberately setting themselves on fire.


Man dies of heart attack while burying woman he strangled, officials say

clickorlando.com – TRENTON, S.C. – A man died of a heart attack in South Carolina while he was burying a woman he strangled, according to the sheriff’s officials.

WJBF-TV in South Carolina reported deputies with the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office found the body of Joseph Anthony McKinnon, 60, Saturday in the backyard of a home in Trenton. While there, deputies found another body, identified as Patricia Ruth Dent, 65, in a “freshly dug pit.”

More… https://www.clickorlando.com/news/national/2022/05/11/man-dies-of-heart-attack-while-burying-woman-he-strangled-officials-say/ 

Goop’s Mother’s Day gift guide includes a vibrator necklace and $4K stroller

pagesix.com – By Elana Fishman – What are you planning to get your mom for Mother’s Day? A bouquet of flowers, perhaps, or a nice card?

Well, Gwyneth Paltrow’s got other ideas. Goop’s Mother’s Day gift guide for 2021 is as reliably over-the-top as ever, with present picks that include a $5,960 Chanel bag, $3,395 diamond tennis bracelet (“for the caregiver”) and $459 juicer.

But the real splurges — like a $65,000 sensory pod and $105,000 luxury yacht trip in Croatia — are tucked away in the “ridiculous but awesome” section, a fixture in each of Goop’s beautifully bonkers gift guides.

More… https://pagesix.com/2021/04/14/goops-mothers-day-gift-guide-includes-vibrator-necklace-4k-stroller/ 

Indiana man charged with murder in the death of his wife wins Republican primary from jail

nbcnews.com – By Marlene Lenthang – An Indiana man charged with murder in the death of his wife, who had cancer and recently filed for a divorce, won a local Republican primary election while behind bars.

Andrew Wilhoite, 40, of Lebanon, is charged with felony murder, accused of killing his wife Elizabeth “Nikki” Wilhoite, 41, in March.

He allegedly hit her in the head with a blunt object and dumped her body at a nearby creek in March, Indiana State Police said.

More… https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/indiana-man-charged-murder-death-wife-wins-republican-primary-jail-rcna27638

LAPD, protesters clash downtown after rally against overturning of Roe vs. Wade

latimes.com – By Andrew J. Campa, Gregory Yee , Nathan Solis – Police and protesters briefly clashed in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday night after a rally protesting the possible overturning of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe vs. Wade decision made its way from a federal courthouse to Pershing Square.

The brief clash came after roughly 400 people gathered in front of the federal courthouse at 1st and Broadway earlier Tuesday night, less than 24 hours after Politico obtained a draft U.S. Supreme Court opinion that seemed to signal the court was poised to overturn the landmark 1973 decision legalizing abortion nationwide.

More… https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2022-05-03/downtown-los-angeles-roe-wade-protest 

Sarah Palin faces formidable opponent in Congress run: Santa Claus

theguardian.com – The bearded city council member in North Pole, Alaska, backs Bernie and champions child welfare. Could his new workshop be in Washington? Sarah Palin announced her candidacy for Alaska’s only seat in the House of Representatives this month, entering a race with dozens of candidates. She certainly brings name recognition to the contest – but another contender may have her beat in that department.

His name is Santa Claus.

He lives, of course, in North Pole – a town of about 2,000 in Alaska. He has a big white beard and a kindly manner, and Santa Claus is indeed his legal name, though, as a Bernie Sanders supporter, he does not exploit elf labor. He won a city council seat in 2015, to the delight of observers around the world. Now he’s ready to take his political career to the next stage.

He’s running to complete the term of the long-serving Republican congressman Don Young, who died last month at age 88. A special primary will be held on 11 June.

More… https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/apr/27/sarah-palin-faces-formidable-opponent-in-congress-run-santa-claus