A ransacked Macy’s, a fake heart attack, a rideshare getaway car: Brea heist turns bizarre

latimes.com – By Grace Toohey – Three people burst through the doors of Brea Dentistry midday Tuesday, one worried she was having a heart attack.

“She came to a front desk in a panic,” said Kate Romeyn, the office’s treatment and financial coordinator.

The small dental team jumped up from their lunch break to respond to the medical emergency as they had prepared — directing one of the woman’s companions to call 911, while ushering the woman into an operating room to take vitals and prepare for CPR.

“We were just doing our due diligence to help someone who we thought was having a heart attack,” Romeyn said.

But, as it turned out, she said, police determined that stop was just a cover as the trio tried to evade arrest.

In the end, officials determined the frenzied dental office visit was one stop in a bizarre heist that began with a sizable theft from the Brea Mall Macy’s and ended with a rideshare driver at the helm of the suspects’ getaway car — unbeknownst to the driver — before police officers stepped in.

“Later, we find out that [they] called an Uber, not an ambulance,” Romeyn said. “It was really crazy.”

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