Cameras and codefendants: Why Trump’s Georgia arraignment will be most dramatic – Sareen Habeshian – Former President Trump’s upcoming arraignment in the Georgia election case could be the biggest public spectacle yet in his web of legal challenges.

The big picture: The 2024 GOP frontrunner is facing his fourth indictment in four months, but this time around he’s expected to have a mugshot taken, and it could be the only trial in which court proceedings are televised.

Where it stands: Trump and the 18 others charged alongside him in the case have until noon Friday, Aug. 25, to surrender. Several have already done so, and Trump said he intends to appear at the Fulton County jail on Thursday.

Zoom in: The Georgia case is full of firsts for Trump.

1. It could be the first time Trump gets his mugshot taken, after avoiding it in his three other cases.

  • The local sheriff’s office in Fulton County, Georgia says it expects to book all 19 of those indicted on the election-related charges — including Trump — at its detention center in Atlanta.
  • The rough and overcrowded jail has been plagued with reports of dangerous conditions and detainee deaths.

2. The Georgia trial is the first one that could be televised.

  • State law requires cameras be allowed — with a judge’s approval — during judicial proceedings as a means of transparency.
  • The judge would have to be given a compelling reason to bar cameras.
  • Proceedings in Trump’s three other cases have been closed to the public as federal and New York courts are averse to televising criminal proceedings.