Cluster of ‘UFOs’ spotted in night sky after powerful 5.6-magnitude earthquake

May 6, 2024

The cluster of gold simmering so-called UFOs sparked widespread curiosity after they were spotted in the night sky above following a 5.6 magnitude earthquake close to Turhal, in Turkey – By Anders Anglesey – A cluster of what appeared to be UFOs stunned onlookers after they were spotted in the night sky following a 5.6-magnitude earthquake.

The tremor was recorded about 25 miles from Turhal, about 481 miles east of Turkey’s largest city Istanbul, at about 6:10pm on April 18. While the quake had a shallow depth of six miles, it was widely felt in the region.

Locals were left stunned when a swarm of bright lights shimmered in the night sky later that night. In one recording, dozens of bright lights could be seen shooting across the night sky as a couple discussed what it could be. The man said: “You need to see this.” A woman replied: “What are those? Why are the birds shining like white gold?”