Covid-19 Vaccines In Salad Dressing? Here’s What Michael Flynn Claimed – Bruce Y. Lee – Lettuce be clear about what Michael Flynn said on a video that’s been making the rounds on social media.

While on what appeared to be a video panel, Flynn, the former National Security Advisor under former U.S. President Donald Trump, mentioned that “Somebody sent me a thing this morning where they’re talking about putting the vaccine into salad dressing, or salads.” So basically Flynn was sharing his “thing” or someone else’s “thing” with whomever happened to be watching the video panel. Was Flynn actually tossing around a conspiracy theory about Covid-19 vaccines being secretly put in salads or salad dressing? Did he leave any context behind what he said? Was their any chard evidence behind what he said?

Well, take a look at what he said in the video accompanying the following tweet: