Groom caught texting while walking down aisle at wedding: ‘Get an annulment’ – By
Asia Grace – The bride is beaming — but her new husband’s just phoning it in.

Rather than throwing rice at a newlywed couple in celebration of their recent wedding, social media skeptics are throwing shade after the distracted groom was allegedly caught texting someone as they strolled down the aisle after saying “I do.”

This marriage is over,” predicted an outraged commenter on Twitter, where re-posted TikTok footage of the phone-happy hubby has amassed over 40.8 million views.

“This is insane… disrespectful and condescending. Totally uncalled for,” barked another stunned spectator beneath the viral video tweet.

In the concerning clip — which was originally shared by TikTok user @CynthiaUmunze and has since been deleted — the unnamed groom‘s eyes are virtually glued to his cellular device as he and the bride, who’s cutting a huge smile and thanking guests for their well-wishes, exit the church.