Guns N’ Roses Welcomes Texas Firearms and Flower Shop to the Jungle With a Lawsuit – By Dan Solomon – Why is Guns N’ Roses in the news?

It’s so easy to avoid getting sued by Axl Rose: simply avoid naming your business something that implies it might be affiliated with his eighties heavy-metal band. That’s a lesson that the owners of a Houston-area online store called Texas Guns and Roses learned the hard way last week, after they were served with a trademark lawsuit by attorneys for the group. The suit alleges that the store’s name is “likely to cause confusion.”

Uh-oh. Sounds like the band’s approach to potential trademark infringement isn’t exactly “anything goes.”

The shop’s owners may have believed they were in paradise city when they launched the concept, which is a store that sells guns, gun accessories, and roses, but the band felt otherwise. Some trademark holders take a live-and-let-live approach when confronting possible infringement of a somewhat dubious nature—it’s unlikely anyone believes that Axl and the boys opened a shop in Texas and dropped their predilection for abbreviating “and” as “N’ ” (a bit to which Rose is particularly committed). In this case, though, it appears that GNR’s approach is more live and let die.