Here’s why you should actually eat with your mouth open… – By Jade Biggs – Growing up, we’re all taught the dos and don’ts of eating at the dinner table. No elbows on the table, no licking your fingers, cutlery in the correct hands at all times – these are just a few of the table manners that are drilled into us from day dot. Of course, the most important rule of all has always been to chew with your mouth closed. Until now, it seems.

That’s because some scientists have turned the dining table rule book on its head with their latest statement, claiming that eating with your mouth open can actually make your food taste better. Nan, look away now!

“We’ve been doing it all wrong,” Professor Charles Spence at Oxford University told The Telegraph. “Parents instil manners in their children, extolling the virtues of politely chewing with our mouths closed.”

He went on: “However, chewing open mouthed may actually help to release more of the volatile organic compounds, contributing to our sense of smell and the overall perception.”