I lost my virginity at 43 — the man I hired was the perfect partner


Andrew Court – An Australian woman who has used a wheelchair since childhood hired a male escort so she could lose her virginity at the age of 43.

Melanie Hawkes recently detailed the experience to the BBC, saying she’d long been terrified of her first sexual encounter.

The quadriplegic video editor suffers from an inflammation of the spinal cord known as transverse myelitis, a diagnosis she received as a toddler after a tantrum injury.

She shut the possibility of sex out of her life for decades, believing she’d never find a man to get steamy with.

But in January, at the behest of her caregiver, Hawkes decided to peruse an online escort agency, where a man named Chayse caught her eye.

“I asked a million questions,” Hawkes recalled, including questioning if he would be able to handle hoisting her up onto a bed before sex.

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