It sure looks like Donald Trump was disguised as ‘Doe 174’ in the newly unsealed Jeffrey Epstein documents – Analysis by Jacob Shamsian – Over the past week, thousands of pages of court documents in a Jeffrey Epstein-linked lawsuit have been unsealed.

The documents identify about 170 people whose names have come up in a legal battle between Virginia Giuffre, one of his accusers, and Ghislaine Maxwell, his former girlfriend who in 2021 was convicted of trafficking girls to him for sex.

Those approximately 170 Jeffrey Epstein associates had names under seal for different reasons — some were his wealthy friends, some were his victims, some were people whose names were merely mentioned in passing. They were identified as a “J. Doe” in arguments over whether their names should be made public or remain redacted.

Donald Trump is one of them. But until now, it wasn’t clear which of the nearly 200 Does — as enumerated by US District Judge Loretta Preska in a 50-page list — he actually was.