Just the Tip: Penis-Shaped Iceberg Inserts Itself Into Conception Bay

wapl.com – By John Jordan – An erotically-shaped iceberg – now popularly known as the “dickie berg” – was spotted off the coast of Newfoundland in an area called?’Conception Bay.’ Pardon me ma’am, could I float into your conception bay?

Any port in a storm as they say.

It does look remarkably like a man’s ‘meat and two veg‘ – it sticks straight up out of the water has a base on each side… and for it to basically insert itself into the euphemistically-named ‘Conception Bay‘ is just too much for people to handle… much like the iceberg itself. Hey YO!

And as you would imagine, the pictures generated a LOT of comments.

“Maybe I should call him,” one user wrote.

“Just the tip…of the iceberg”

“Frozen stiff,” remarked another.

And finally this person, “Pretty lucky I got here when I did… It’s melting all the time. I mean, it might go limp.”

Adding further to the icy-eroticism, the local photographer (Ken Pretty) who took the D-Berg pics is from a town close to ‘Conception Bay’ called ‘Dildo’… I’ll give you a moment to draw the lines.

More… https://www.wapl.com/2023/05/01/penis-shaped-iceberg-enters-into-conception-bay-pic/