Labor Joust in NJ: Medievil Times Workers will vote on forming labor union – Erin Vogt – LYNDHURST — The latest New Jersey employees to consider unionizing are possibly the only ones who work out of a castle. A group of 40 actors, stunt performers and stable hands at the Lyndhurst location of Medieval Times, a medieval-themed dinner theater show, have joined with the American Guild of Variety Artists. The collective has dubbed itself Medieval Times Performers United.

A July 15 vote has been slated during an in-person National Labor Relations Board-facilitated election.

Medieval Times has struggled with staffing, security and safety after reopening from its COVID-19 pandemic closure, according to a written statement from organizing committee members.

The workers also are seeking a pay increase to “keep up with” similar positions in the industry and what is “necessary for a living wage in Lyndhurst.”

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