Lindsey Graham admits under oath that Trump’s outlandish election conspiracies were farfetched – By Meaghan Ellis – March 16, 2023 – Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) testified under oath and admitted how farfetched former President Donald Trump’s voter fraud claims really were.

In fact, the Republican lawmaker likened Trump’s outlandish conspiracy theories to aliens coming down and stealing the former president’s ballots.

During a recent interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, multiple jurors spoke out under the condition of anonymity as they weighed in with details about Graham’s testimony.

“[Graham] said that during that time, if somebody had told Trump that aliens came down and stole Trump ballots, that Trump would’ve believed it,” one juror told the news outlet.

Another juror also expressed concern about how they did not appear to be taken seriously as a collective group of jurors.

“I just felt like we, as a group, were portrayed as not serious,” one of the jurors also said. “That really bothered me because that’s not how I felt. I took it very seriously. I showed up, did what I was supposed to do, did not do what I was asked not to do, you know?”