Melania Trump pushes NFT business while avoiding questions about Mar-a-Lago – After the FBI raided his Mar-a-Lago home earlier this month, former President Donald Trump lashed out on social media, saying that the agents looked through his wife’s clothes and personal items.

“Just learned that agents went through the First Lady’s closets and rummaged through her clothing and personal items. Surprisingly, left area in a relative mess. Wow!” Trump made a post on Truth Social.

Five people who talked to CNN about Melania Trump’s recent actions on the condition of anonymity to protect personal and professional ties said that he was a lot more angry than she was. They used an exclamation point to emphasize this.
Someone who knew what the former first lady said said, “She cared, but not as much as he did.”
Another person who was there at the time of the search said, “It made her feel bad. She was worried about her privacy being invaded, not about the question that led to the search or what it meant or could mean legally for her husband in the future.”
The fact that federal agents were in her bathroom, closets, and bedroom almost felt like an invasion of her privacy. But the former first lady hasn’t been upset enough to talk about the search or the results in public. Instead, since she left Washington, she has mostly used her Twitter account to talk about NFTs, which are obviously her biggest passion.