Mike Lindell’s ‘Pro-Trump Truth Rally’ Draws As Many Protesters As Attendees

hillreporter.com – By Tara Dublin – Only a few dozen people turned out for a right-wing January 6th “Truth” rally in Washington D.C. on Saturday where controversial MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, who is currently under an election-related FBI investigation, was the headliner.

Despite promotion on right-wing fringe sites like Gateway Pundit, which described the rally as the “biggest to date,” photos and videos on social media revealed a sparsely attended event, with roughly half as many counter-protesters in attendance as protesters.

Most people in attendance were members of the fringe group the 1776 Restoration Movement, many of whom carried upside-down American flags along with “Let’s Go Brandon” flags and“POW-J6” flags.

Lindell, who appeared on a screen at the rally via Zoom, is at the center of an FBI investigation into a breach of election equipment in Colorado. A district court judge denied Lindell’s request this week for a temporary restraining order to prevent the FBI from searching his phone, which federal agents seized at a Hardee’s drive-through.

Lindell has not yet been charged with a crime, although he is believed to be connected to six people named in a search warrant who allegedly breached the voting machines to prove baseless claims of voter fraud.

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