Most bizarre online ad EVER? Man offers sex with his robot – as long as he can watch – By Jon Livesey – An engineer who claims to have built a robot with women’s private parts is seeking someone to have sex with it in what might be the most bizarre advert ever. What’s more, the man says his offer comes with one creepy condition – whoever has sex with his machine has to let him watch them doing the deed. Describing his AI (Artificial Intelligence) robot, he says it features “a vagina”.

He explains that he can’t have sex with it because, as its creator, he’s “like its dad”.

The ad, titled “Come f*** my robot”, was posted on Craigslist by somebody in Malibu, an upmarket coastal city in Los Angeles, California, yesterday.

It says: “Hi, I am an engineer who has built an AI with a vagina. I need someone to come f*** my robot and let me watch.

“I can’t f*** it because I’m like its dad.”