O.C. coroner botches an ID, and a family buries a stranger, not their homeless son

latimes.com – By Frank Shyong – The Orange County Sheriff’s Department is investigating why the coroner’s office misidentified a body found behind a Fountain Valley Verizon store, authorities said. The family of Frank M. Kerrigan, a 57-year-old mentally ill homeless man, was informed that it was Kerrigan’s body that was found behind the phone store in May, authorities said.

Kerrigan’s family held a $20,000 funeral and buried the still-undentified body in a cemetery in the city of Orange, according to the Orange County Register.

But a few weeks later, a family friend who had been one of Kerrigan’s pallbearers called Kerrigan’s father with some surprising news: Kerrigan was alive and standing on his patio, the Register reported.

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