Pals trick man into attending work dressed as as a blue Smurf for Halloween – By Rosaleen Fenton & Luke Matthews – Halloween may still be a day away but this man found himself in a living nightmare after his colleagues tricked him into wearing a Smurf costume to work on his own. Sorting out your Halloween costume can be a real nightmare. They’ve improved a lot since the good old days when you’d slap on some dodgy face paint and outfit which would inevitably rip on your night out.

For some fright fans, its the highlight of the year, while others just don’t have any spooky spirit in them. Whether you’re still in the office or working at home, workers have been seizing the opportunity to add a little bit of fun to the final official working day before October 31 by breaking out the fancy dress.

One man was left red – or perhaps blue – faced after his colleagues conned him into dressing up as a Smurf on his own.