Republicans Are Defending Trump’s Hitleresque ‘Poison the Blood’ Rhetoric – Story by Nikki McCann Ramirez – Republicans are defending Donald Trump after the former president channeled Hitler and accused immigrants of “poisoning the blood of our country.”

On Saturday, Trump addressed a crowd of supporters in Durham, New Hampshire. During one of his rants on immigration, Trump declared that migrants are “poisoning the blood of our country … That’s what they’ve done. They’ve poisoned mental institutions and prisons all over the world – not just in South America, not just the three or four countries that we think about, but all over the world. They’re coming into our country, from Africa, from Asia – all over the world. They’re pouring into our country.”

His ravings echoed the words of genocidal Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, who repeatedly compared Jewish people to a blood poison within German society. In his manifesto Mein Kampf, the dictator wrote that “all great cultures of the past perished only because the originally creative race died out from blood poisoning,” and blamed Jews and other “undesirable” groups for said contamination.

Despite the clear retaliatory implications of Trump’s statement – because a blood poison cannot be left untreated – his Republican sycophants quickly fell in line to defend the former president’s statements.