Ron DeSantis Denies Eating Pudding With His Fingers Like a Weird Little Glutton – By Nikki McCann Ramirez – Ron DeSantis categorically denies having sexual relations with that woman eating pudding cups with his fingers.

In an interview with Piers Morgan, the Florida governor rebuffed reports that he scarfed down chocolate pudding cups using three of his fingers instead of a spoon.

“I don’t remember ever doing that,” DeSantis said, “maybe when I was a kid.”

When people go after you “sometimes they have really good ammunition,” DeSantis elaborated, “for me they’re talking about pudding. Like is that really the best you’ve got?”

“But now you’re not having pudding?” Morgan asked.

“No, no” replied DeSantis, “It’s sugar man.”

The rumors of the Florida governor’s sticky-fingered consumption habits emerged last week after the Daily Beast spoke to former DeSantis staffers who claimed he had “no social skills.” According to the report, DeSantis gobbled down a chocolate pudding cup snack cup using three of his fingers while on board a private plane to Washington D.C.

The question regarding DeSantis pudding proclivities was likely intended as a moment of levity, the interview itself was notable for the escalation in criticism from the Florida governor of President Trump. Throughout the course of the interview, DeSantis attacked Trump’s character, and called the former president’s jabs against him “background noise.”

While DeSantis has yet to declare his candidacy in the 2024 race, we certainly hope that his staff remembers to provide spoons along the campaign trail should he choose to run. Because no one wants to see that.