She organized California’s back-to-work protests, but now she’s calling it quits – By Joshua Emerson Smith – SAN DIEGO — A group calling itself We Have Rights has recently started organizing large back-to-work protests throughout California, calling on state and local leaders to end social distancing orders aimed at slowing the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The group, which popped up in just the last two weeks, has a professional-looking website and a growing social media presence, which provide details for upcoming events, instructions for dealing with the media and highly produced Instagram videos, as well as T-shirts and other branded merchandise for sale.

It also has had a charismatic leader in 38-year-old Vivienne Nicole Reign, a Newport Beach entrepreneur who owns and operates several neuropathy clinics with a chiropractor. Her involvement appears to be ending, however. Last week, under scrutiny from the San Diego Union-Tribune, Reign said she was donating the organization to an unidentified nonprofit group.