‘Spaceships recharge at alien landing strip on mountain – I found key piece of evidence’

themirror.com – By Emilia Randall – Alien spaceships are docking and charging at a secret landing strip in the Andes mountains according to claims from a UFO expert. Alien enthusiast, Baby Trujillo, first visited the site in question after he saw what he suspected to be three flying saucers in the sky. He found one particular item, a strange rock, which he thinks proves his story.

The area of the Peruvian Andes has been subject to much mystery due to its infamous “Nazca Lines” for many years. One day a dad was talking with his son’s teacher at a social club in the Peruvian town of Ambo, nestled in the Andes Mountains, when they saw the UFOs in question in the sky.

Like the other witnesses, he claimed that the UFO was joined by “two smaller spaceships” before forming a “triangle” and traveling together towards a mountain in the far distance.

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