The Craziest (Yet Strangely Compelling) Sh*t We Found on Amazon in 2022 – By Mia Maguire Commerce Editor – Reid Webb Commerce Manager  – almost anything on Amazon these days, from paper towels, luxury skin-care serums, groceries, and everything in between. But aside from all of the everyday items that Amazon has to offer, the mega e-tailer is a treasure trove of unique, hard-to-find, international, and downright bizarre products that you probably wouldn’t be able to buy anywhere else on the web (or IRL, for that matter.) Because we’re always scouring Amazon to help you find the best deals, gifts, and items, we decided to round up a list of the weird Amazon products we’ve encountered in 2022.

We all know that Amazon is the go-to when it comes to finding the best gag gifts and funny white elephant picks (i.e. Trump toilet paper or fake feces), but these out-of-the-box finds are truly next-level. Some of these oddities are curiously compelling—even low-key genius—while others are just inexplicably crazy AF. Others are so gimmicky that they’re worthy of your attention simply because of the LOL factor, but, at the very least, all of these strange Amazon discoveries will make you do a double—even triple—take.

Plus, there’s truly something for everyone, whether it be a fart spray that has apparently made a number of shoppers literally vomit or a surprisingly useful toilet nightlight to make midnight trips to the restroom less of a danger (yes, I have since purchased one and yes, it is a game-changer!). However novel these weird Amazon products may be, they certainly left us intrigued. Scroll through below to check out the craziest Amazon finds we’ve stumbled upon during 2022.