The Devil, Lucifer Himself, Is Apparently Entombed In Somerset, New Jersey – By Diana Logan – New Jersey loves them some devil-related folklore. From the Jersey Devil to the Devil’s Tree to the Devil’s Altar, anything creepy in the Garden State get a luciferian nickname to go along with its local legend. This is certainly the case for an old stone building in Somerset County, which has been dubbed by locals and thrill-seekers alike as The Devil’s Tomb.

According to gossip, internet speculation, and one decades-old issue of a magazine called Weird NJ, this stone building was the location of a battle between some monks and the Devil himself. The story goes that they tricked the Devil into attending what he thought was a human sacrifice, then chained him to the ground and built the tomb around him to trap him inside. Certain more colorful versions of the legend claim that the nearby road, called “Jacob’s Ladder” or “Seven Bumps Road” is actually the burial places of people the monks killed for trying to free the devil from the tomb. (These monks were pretty hardcore!)