Trump Melts Down As Only Trump Can Claiming Every Single Poll Is Fake

Donald Trump is claiming that every credible scientific poll is a fake invented by Democrats to suppress the Republican vote.

Trump recycled a favorite myth of the conservative media. The Democrats are inventing polls stories can be traced back years. They were first floated in 2008 when Obama was running against McCain. The idea that the polls are a Democratic conspiracy reached new heights in 2012 that culminated with conservatives trying to “unskew” the polls.

In 2016, Trump has gone a step beyond. He is losing by so much that he can’t unskew the polls, so Trump is attempting to delegitimize the polls. Trump is literally losing in every credible, non-tracking scientific poll conducted by objective media.

Democrats don’t need to make up fake polls. Donald Trump is doing a fine job of losing in all of the polls that count.

The Republican nominee signaled his belief that all the polls are fake by claiming on Sunday that he thinks that he is really leading Hillary Clinton with women voters.