Wild goat pushes woman off cliff, knocks friend unconscious in rampage

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Jack Hobbs – It was a baaaaaaad situation. One hiker was nearly killed last week after a goat went wild, attacking her and two friends while they were traversing the Alpujarra hills in southern Spain.

A 64-year-old Belgian women was charged by the aggressive, wild Iberian ibex and was forced off a 65-foot-tall cliff, according to the Spanish outlet Murcia Today.

Luckily, the fall was not fatal, and the adventurer managed to land on a ledge that kept her safe from the attacking animal.

She did suffer two broken wrists.

The remaining two hikers were seriously wounded after the goat knocked one of the two explorers unconscious.

Thankfully, a passing shepherd found the besieged tourists and called in the Mountain Rescue and Intervention Group to help evacuate.

A spokesperson for the Mountain Rescue and Intervention Group later told a local news outlet that it was practically a “miracle” that the woman had survived her fall off of the cliff.

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