Beauty and the low-budget Beast Tumblr celebrates local theatre’s terrible costumes – By Rebecca Hawkes – In a delightfully playful (or, depending on your tolerance for interspecies romance, painfully cringeworthy) moment towards the end of Disney’s new Beauty and the Beast, Emma Watson‘s Belle regards the newly smooth chin of her transformed beau and demands “Could you grow a beard?”.

The line suggests that, deep down, she misses the way her Prince used to look, horns and hair and all…. but we’re not sure she’d be feeling quite the same way if the film’s Beast hadn’t been quite such a sleek, CGI-perfect production. Just imagine how Belle would have felt if, instead, she’d been romanced by one of the stars of Low-Budget Beasts, a Tumblr page that collates all the low budget Beast costumes from local productions.

We mean…just look at this one: