MAGA Forum Freak Out: Chatter of a ‘Patriot Moat’ Around Mar-a-Lago to Keep Trump Out of Jail – By Peter Wade – Trump supporters on the online MAGA forum “The Donald” are coming unglued at the possibility of the former president’s impending indictment, going so far as to suggest that a “Civil War 2.0” may be imminent and proposing the formation of a “Patriot moat” to prevent law enforcement from arresting him.

“Surround Mar-a-Lago or wherever he currently is and prevent ‘law enforcement’ from entering,” one person wrote, per The Daily Beast.

This prompted another to reply, “What if they use choppers to circumvent the Patriot moat?”

Still other supporters brought up the possibility of a civil war. “Well, looks like we may have WWIII and our 2nd Civil War at the same time,” one poster wrote, just one of many references to a potential civil war on the forum in the last two days.

“This should be treated as a declaration of war,” another posted.

Yet another Trump supporter wrote: “Looks like they are accelerating the civil war to this week. Hold the fuckin line guys. Don[‘]t be afraid to use your constitutional rights. Remember 2a is there incase 1a fails,” a reference to using weapons protected by the second amendment.

While these forums are full of bluster, it’s important to remember that many of the ideas floated in the forums of “The Donald” came to fruition during the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, including the suggestion to erect a gallows on Capitol grounds. Posters in the lead up to Jan. 6 also exchanged travel tips for getting to D.C. and suggestions on how to bring weapons and ammunition into the District considering its gun-control laws.